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From Music for the People to Cocktails by the People MOJO is offering an alternative night school.

If your interest in drinking goes beyond the bottom of a glass and you'd like to know more about the history of cocktails, where spirits come from and why some are better than others then this is a great way to spend an evening. As well as the fascinating facts and stories you'll learn from our award-winning bar tenders (who have lots of tales to tell!) you'll also be sampling a wide range of drinks - thus putting your newly acquired knowledge into practise.

So if you want to shake or stir in style, make the perfect party punch or are just looking for a alternative to the usual corporate jolly or social event this is the class for you!

Music for the people

From £25.00 per head gets you…

  • Arrival and introductory cocktails at main bar
  • Welcome & Introductions from our award winning bartenders
  • Brief synopsis of night and run through of agenda
  • Group to organise into teams
  • On the spot competitions, complete with prizes
  • Cocktail demonstration unlocking the secrets of great cocktail making
  • Cocktail making by you with tasting & explanation of four featured cocktails with shenanigans along the way
  • Grand finale - the whole group to make their winning (!) cocktails at the bar using their new found skills
  • MOJO bartender to judge all cocktails
  • Announcement of winner
  • Presentation of prize (a full MOJO professional cocktail set)
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Music for the people